Saturday, 17 September 2016

Saraiki and Punjabi

According to  Lahanda is macro language. But in this Lahnda Western Punjabi [pnb]
is not included. So Lahanda and Punjabi are two different and distinct languages.  Kindly this mistake be removed. This is a big mistake and confusion. Look in to the matter.
It is suggested that Lahnda macro language be renamed as Saraikis and western Punjabi [pnb] be excluded from this macro language. Western Punjabi[pnb] and eastern Punjabi [pan]  are same languages. These be treated in a same group. The only difference is the writing system. Western Punjabi[pnb] is written in Arabic script and eastern Punjabi [pan] is written in Gurmukhi. All audio and vedios, media, Tv channels of these two languages are same. Any one may search this on videos and audios.

1..So the Western punjabi being as same eastern punjabi be excluded from macro language Lahnda..

 2.. Lahanda be renamed as Saraikis as saraiki is the major language in the remaining
3.. This Macro language Saraikis comprising Inku [jat] (Afghanistan), Khetrani [xhe], Northern Hindko [hno], Pahari-Potwari [phr], Saraiki [skr], Southern Hindko [hnd], be included in containing sindhi and Dardic.

Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Outer Languages, Northwestern , Saraikis

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