Thursday, 5 December 2013

Saraiki Language

  1. An ethnic group from central Pakistan
  2. The Indo-Aryan language spoken by these people
  3. A native or inhabitant of Saraikistan, a region of South Asia.
  4. Name of the language of Saraiki people. There are around 70 million Saraiki speakers in Saraiki region Saraikistan and more than 90 million throughout the world. Saraiki is written with a modified Arabic script that has 44 letters.
Saraiki is an important language of Pakistan. Saraiki is also spoken in   Sri Ganganagar district.  and   Fazilka   India,  Afghanistan ,U A E, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the United States , Canada and  United Kingdom
According to Roznama Dunya News 25% of Pakistanis are Saraiki. 

According to a Hindko website there are 12  Crore Saraiki.  saraiki-hindko-conference-a-rportage/
According to a letter No 20-/R&D/09 dated 20-01-2010,  of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad. The number speaker of Saraiki Language are more than 120 Millions. 
Combining all the sources in Pakistan 40% people are Saraiki.
Saraiki is included in the languages of USA, at No.1426


سرائیکستان دا نقشہ

The above letter is issued by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The letters confirms that in 2010  there were more than 120 million Saraiki People. This population may also contain the people who speak another language as their mother tongue also speak Saraiki  as a second language.  According to the Census of Pakistan in 1998 the Population of Saraiki Region was 40 million, where the total population of Pakistan was 135 million. To day the population of Saraiki Region is 60 million. The non-Saraiki in Saraiki Region are equal to the Saraiki People in Punjabi region. So there are 60 million Saraiki people. In Sindh there are 20 million Saraiki people. Hence in Pakistan the Saraiki people are more than 80 million. If we count other dialects similar to Saraiki this Population may cross 100 million.

In India Punjab, Delhi and Haryana Saraiki  population is more than 20% . In this way there are more than 15 million Saraiki in these three states of India. In sri Ganganagar Saraiki is native language. Hence including the Saraiki of other states there are more than 20 million Saraiki in India.

پٹیالہ، راجپورا، تری پورا، سمانا، بسی پٹھاݨاں، بھیوانی، حصار، سرسا، تری پری، کرنال، پانی پت، انوپ گڑھ راج، کرنال شہر، پلوال، سفیدون ضلع ڄِنڈ، سونی پت، ہانسی، راٹیہ، بروالا، کڑکشیترا ،سنگرُور، جمنا نگر( یمنا نگر)، تارا واری وچ سرائیکی پنجاہ فیصد کنوں ودھ ہن۔ تاراواری تے راجپورا وچ اسی فیصد کنوں ودھ سرائیکی الاوݨ آلے رہندے ہن۔
In the newspaper on 19-01-2016 it is published that in India there are 30 million Saraikis.


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